Lacy Crochet Wool Hat Fruit Stripe

17"x7-3/4" | wool, nylon and bamboo blend yarn | Apparel
Fey is looking fancy in this lacy crochet wool hat beanie, handmade by yours truly and only available at Crowe Shea Fashions.

It's hooked up with a sweet yarn comprised of 40% wool, 30% nylon, and 15% rayon from bamboo. The combination of the three result in a denser yarn that's softer and less itchy than typical wool and wool blends. It measures 7-3/4 inches tall with a 17 inch circumference but does have a fair amount of stretch for larger heads. The lacy stitch makes it lightweight and airy - the perfect wool hat for a leaf-peeping tour or apple picking. Oh! And let's talk about the colors! We've got a fruit basket's worth! Blueberry, banana, mandarin orange, watermelon, lime green, raspberry... There's even a touch of whipped cream white. Definitely has a golden, muted vibe, suitable for Autumns.

Like everything you see in my shop, this crocheted wool hat was made with love and care with the intent of giving you many years of wear.

To care for your wool hat, simply hand or machine wash, inside out, in cold water (Delicate Cycle). If washing by hand be sure to gently squeeze out the excess water. Never twist or wring! Then allow to air dry, flat. Placing on a white towel will help in the drying process.

Now click the buy button and put this baby in your cart. I'm going to go make myself a fruit salad. :D