Crochet Hat Beanie Turquoise and Green

Cotton yarn made in Canada of US grown cotton
Fey is keeping herself warm with a crochet hat beanie that is sure to please! Handcrafted with a white yarn printed with bright blue and green, it's designed to keep you comfortably cozy. The hat's circumference approximately 22 inches (60 cm) around, with a height of 8-1/2 inches (22 cm) from the very top to its decorative trim. Depending on the size of your head (and how much hair you have) the edge will lie just above or below your earlobes.

This crochet hat beanie was conceived using a "self-striping" print cotton yarn. The base yarn color is white with a bright (almost golden in some areas) turquoise blue and lime green sprayed on. The result is a white cap with intermittent thin stripes of blue and green. My crochet cloche will look absolutely fabulous atop the head of a clear, warm-toned Spring, but a muted Autumn would look really nice in it, too.

Please note: printed yarn tends to be a little stiff, at first. If necessary, a toss in the wash will quickly remedy that!

All of my hats are crocheted, by me. Because cotton yarn isn't as resilient as those of acrylic or wool you may, one day, find your crochet hat beanie has become tired and isn't hugging your head as snug as before. Giving it a nice bath will revive it, though truly exhausted beanies may also require a quick tumble.

The Delicate cycle (cold water is preferred, but warm can be used to clean a particularly dirty hat). No bleach, but fabric softener is ok. Then allow it to rest, flat, until dry. A quick tumble in the dryer is fine if you allow it to play only until it is slightly damp. Too much time in the dryer will result in an uncomfortable beanie!! My crochet hat beanie prefers being placed in a Delicates bag or pillowcase to keep it from getting lost and aids in keeping it looking like new.