Crochet Beanie Hat Aqua With Yellow Trim

Cotton made in Canada of US grown cotton
Springs rejoice! Here's Fey, sporting a pretty Spring-toned (and toned for Springs) crochet beanie hat for adults and teens, made from cotton yarn in a pale aqua blue with a buttercream yellow trim. It's approximately 8 inches (20 cm) from top center to edge, with a circumference of 19 inches (48 cm).

This crochet beanie hat is great for when you want warmth without worrying about overheating. It comes down right about the bottoms of the ears so depending on what size head you have the edging would rest either just above or below the earlobe. Terrific for chilly Fall and Spring nights, as well as for those who exercise outdoors during the winter months. It's form fitting so it can be worn under a hoodie for additional warmth.

All of my beanie hats are made by me. The yarn used to make this one was made in Canada, of USA grown cotton. I was made here, in the USA. :) Because cotton isn't as resilient as acrylic or wool you may, one day, find your hat isn't hugging your head as snug as before. Giving it a nice bath will revive it, though a well-loved crochet beanie hat may also require a quick tumble in the dryer.

To care for your crochet beanie hat launder it in the Delicate cycle (cold water is preferred, but warm can be used to clean a heavily soiled hat). No bleach, but fabric softener is ok. Dry flat. A quick tumble in the dryer is fine if you only dry it until it's still slightly damp. Too much time in the dryer can result in a stiff and scratchy beanie! A Delicates bag or pillowcase is recommended as it keeps your hat from getting lost in the wash and aids in keeping it looking like new.

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