Pastel Cotton Crochet Beanie Hat Adult Size

Cotton yarn made in Canada of US grown cotton
Spring has sprung with this pastel cotton crochet beanie hat for adults (and teens)! It's hooked up using a pastel, multi-colored yarn in colors of white, aqua blue, spring green, and golden yellow. The beanie's cottony softness will keep warmth in, while reducing the chance of overheating.

This beanie hat is 8-1/4 inches (21 cm) tall, when measured from the top center, to the edge. It has a circumference of about 23 inches (58 cm). The edge will sit either just above, or just below your earlobe, depending on how much head and hair you have. :)

The first thing I thought of when I made this particular hat is a field of daffodils, under a sunny blue sky, with a puffy white cloud floating by. Don't you wish you were there, right now? Since it screams "Spring" it would make sense that it would favor clear, warm-toned Spring individuals. As a fellow Spring I suggest you snatch this crochet beanie hat right up, if it works with your wardrobe. Spring-toned clothing is so hard to find!

Each crochet beanie hat is made by me, of cotton yarn. You may find, over time, your beanie isn't hugging your head as snuggly as before. No, your head isn't shrinking! It's just that cotton isn't as resilient (it doesn't bounce back as well) as wool or acrylic. A quick wash will remind it of the size and shape it should be, though well-loved beanies may also require a quick tumble in the dryer.

To care for your beanie hat wash it the Delicate cycle (cold water is preferred to keep the colors bright, but warm can be used occasionally to clean a heavily soiled hat). No bleach, but fabric softener is okay. Dry flat. A tumble in the dryer is fine if you only dry it until it's still slightly damp. Too much time in the dryer can result in a stiff and scratchy hat! A Delicates bag or pillowcase is recommended as it will keep your crochet beanie hat from getting lost in the wash and aids in keeping it looking like new.

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