Crochet Red Hat for Kids

acrylic yarn made in the USA
Have a child who's always rushing around? This red hat would be great on them! It was created using acrylic yarn and features a cable design. Its circumference is approximately 20 inches (59 cm), with a height of 6-1/2 inches (17 cm) when measured from the very top to the brim.

The hat's edge will partially to completely cover the ears of a child, depending on the size of their head and amount of hair they have. It can also be worn as a kufi by adults, where it will lie above the ears. This red hat makes great thermal hat that can be comfortably worn alone on chilly Autumn nights (indoors or out), or under a hood when it's really cold.

The clear red of this "Lil Beany Fru Fru" is one of my favorite shades. Equally clear, warm-toned Springs will love it, as it is essentially the only real red we can get away with. Get a little Winter kiss on the cheeks, while wearing this hat, and your son or daughter will be the cutest kid in town!

There are ten sets of two columns on this little red hat, starting as points approximately 2 inches from the top and spaced about an inch apart. In five sets the columns are side by side. The other five, alternating sets, have a quarter inch space separating the columns just to add some spice.

The acrylic yarn used in its construction is similar to the wool it is meant to imitate, however it isn't nearly as itchy as real wool yarn. So, unless you have easy to irritate skin this beanie is a great choice for those with wool allergies.

Crocheted by me, of NEW yarn.

To care for your hat it is recommended you wash it the Delicate cycle (warm water, no bleach, but fabric softener is okay) and tumble dry it on Low heat, or dry flat. A delicates bag is recommended to keep your hat looking new for as long as possible, but not necessary. Do not iron!