Wool Crochet Scarf Teal Stripes

Wool yarn made in the US
Here we have a wool crochet scarf in bright teal blue, and teal blue/pink/green variegated yarns. A lightweight 67 inches (170 cm) long (plus 7-1/2 inch/19 cm fringe) by 3-1/4 inches (8 cm) wide. It will wrap around your neck and then some without feeling restrictive.

This wool scarf, named "Watercolor," is one of my Scrap Happy Scarves. It features a thick middle stripe of multi-colored yarn containing blue, green, pink and lilac, with bold teal blue stripes on each side. While it features the same colors as my "Ocean Garden" Scrap Happy, because the warmer blue dominates in this striped wool scarf I think muted, warm-toned Autumns would have the advantage with this one. :)

All my Scrap Happy Scarves are labors of love. The long, pain-killer free, get out now! kind. LOL They can consist of leftover yarn scraps, mismatched dye lots, that one remaining skein in the bin (that isn't enough to use for anything else), and, yes, the reclaimings of a project that has gone horribly wrong - or all of the above! ALL YARN IS NEW! Even the reclaimed yarn is technically new as the never finished project was also never worn or used. Both I and the yarn are from the USA. Just an FYI: because of the stitch used in making this crochet scarf the ends have a tendency to curl. This is normal!

To care for your wool crochet scarf just hand wash it in cool water, using a detergent made for wool. GENTLE HAND AGITATION ONLY TO AVOID SHRINKAGE! Dry flat. An iron on the "Wool" setting may be used if necessary.