Striped Crochet Scarf Yellow Orange and Pink

Cotton yarn made in Canada of US grown cotton
What do we have here? It looks like Seth and Fey have found a brightly colored striped crochet scarf to cuddle up in. Don't they look sweet?

Inspired by citrus fruits - oranges, lemons, pink grapefruit, avocados...

Avocados? Wait? What? I must be thinking Chipotle, not citrus. Sorry.

Now where was I? Ah, yes. Inspired by citrus fruits, this cotton crochet scarf brings a splash of fruity goodness to brighten a dull, gray, winter day. It has three stripes, each about 1-1/4 inches (3cm) wide. One is bright orange, one hot pink, and the center stripe is a combination of the two, with some yellow added for fun. At a generous 76 inches (193 cm) long - not including fringe - my crochet scarf can be wrapped completely around one's neck and still protect the chest from those nasty drafts.

This beauty, named "Vittamin Sea", is a great choice for clear, warm-toned Springs. No really. I'm a clear, warm-toned Spring so I should know. "Vittamin Sea is the latest addition to my happy little family of Scrap Happy Scarves - so named because they can consist of left over yarn scraps, mismatched dye lots, that one remaining skein in the bin (that isn't enough to use for anything else), and, yes, the reclaimings of a project that has gone horribly wrong. Sometimes they contain all of the above! ALL YARN IS NEW! Even the reclaimed yarn is technically new as the never finished project was also never worn or used.

So wrap yourself up in a crochet scarf that not only looks good, but does good!