Denim Blue Crochet Hat Beanie for Kids

Cotton yarn made in Canada of US grown cotton
If your kiddo is the "blue-jeans and t-shirt" type then do I have a hat for them! My denim blue crochet hat beanie is crafted from cotton yarn, which has been printed to look like faded jeans. With a red, reverse stitch edge, it tips its own hat to a well known brand of jeans.

It's been a long while since my kids were remotely small enough to fit into a beanie this size, but from assisting moms in finding the perfect hat for their youngsters I would estimate this crochet hat would fit most toddlers, perhaps even children a bit older. Specifically, its circumference is 18-1/2 inches, with a height of 7 inches and is intended to cover your young one's ears. My crochet hat beanie aids in keeping your little one's head warm, with less chance of overheating - which, I know, my boys loathed.

As I mentioned earlier, printed yarn was used to create this hat and, as with all printed yarns, it isn't quite as soft as dyed yarn. But I will admit that this one is much softer than other printed yarns I've worked with. Like a pair of pre-washed jeans it's comfortable enough that even delicate skin should be able to wear it right away. Additional washes will make it even softer (as long as you don't over dry).

My crochet hat beanie, like everything else you see in my shop, is handmade by me.


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