Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Pink and Gray

Yarn made in US of imported fibers 30% polyester from recycled bottles & 70% acrylic, silicone rings
Are you surrounded by an ever growing population of plastic bags, that you swear are secretly breeding? Well fear not! My crochet plastic bag holder is just the thing you need!

I liken plastic bags to fur coats: They once served a purpose but have since been replaced by friendlier alternatives, and sometimes - no matter how hard you try - you end up with them. You don't want to just throw them away, though, because that's worse than having them in the first place. So what's a good doo-bee to do? You reuse the heck outta them, that's what!

My plastic bag holder will make you feel good about making the best of a bad situation. Created using a yarn containing 30% Polyester, made from recycled bottles (the other 70% is Acrylic), this holder demands to be used. There are no seams to pop, the doorknob sized loop is securely fastened to the 15-1/2 inch (39 cm) long tube, and the openings at each end are made by crocheting around silicone rings - which won't deteriorate as quickly as elastic. My crochet plastic bag holder may not be able to withstand fire or stabbity stabs with a knife, but it can be machine washed and dried!

So, if you're looking for a plastic bag holder that will actually outlast the bags it's holding then look no further. It's right here!

Now buy it! :)