About Crowe Shea Fashions

Growing up I was blessed with family members who enjoyed teaching me their favorite handicrafts - at least that's how I remember it. The reality may have been that I annoyed the crap out of them until they showed me how to do what they were doing.

Whatever version of history you choose to accept, the fact is thanks to cheap mass production, most of them have gone the way of the dinosaur. However I still cling tightly to my favorite: crochet. It may be fuddy duddy and equated with doilies, but ever since my mom taught me my first stitches I have been, well, hooked. I love the ability to create something beautiful with just some yarn and a hook. The meditative repetition of stitch after stitch is soothing. And I can't deny that I absolutely enjoy hearing those words, "Wow! That's crochet?" These things fuel my desire to create fun and unexpected items that will be enjoyed by others as much as I enjoyed making them.

Yes, I am a real person. I was conceived somewhere in the Wilmington/North Reading/Tewksbury, MA area and born in SoCal. I guess back then Pacific Time was 2 months behind Eastern, which would explain why I was born "early". ;P I grew up in Los Angeles until I was twelve, when I moved "back East". I've been here ever since, currently residing in the low rent district of Winchester.

Free time? What's that? Oh yeah... What little free time I do have I spend hanging out with a bunch of yahoos, collectively known as the Crusaders Senior Corps. Colorguard. :)

If you're interested I'm the one in the back row, on the right (they get a couple of closeups of me).